As we first reported back on 4/20, today is the street date for Target's Exclusive Black Series 6-Inch Chewbacca figure. I stopped by my local store this morning at 8am and they did receive 1 case which had 8 figures in it. This store put a limit of 2 per customer and between the collectors and scalpers they sold out in less then a minute. I was able to grab 2 and the empty box.

Out of curiosity I had the Toy Department employee check some other local stores in the area and it looks like each store (that received them) only got 8 per location initially. To check your local stores you may want to call them first and ask them to check stock on DPCI: 087-06-9531. If you missed out I wouldn't stress to much because they will receive more.

Also these have yet to go up for sale on, so you may want to check their site once in a while today.