Card Variants Found - Solo: A Star Wars Story 3.75-Inch Wave 2

If your into packaging variants, you may recall back on April 16th we first reported about Card Variants on The Solo 3.75-Inch Wave 1 figures and as we predicted Wave 2 followed suit.

Just like the first Wave Hasbro has decided to remove the Force Link 2.0 Instructions sheet from the figure's inner bubble and remove any text on the card referencing the instruction sheet. Since Hasbro removed the instruction sheet text from the cards, the PNs on the cards have changed.

Card Variants:

Kylo Ren
• 1st - PN00022474
• 2nd - PN00025421

• 1st - PN00022471
• 2nd - PN00025422

Princess Leia Organa
• 1st - PN00022473
• 2nd - PN00025423

Supreme Leader Snoke
• 1st - PN00022472
• 2nd - PN00025424

I was able to track down 3 of the 4 second card variants today (missing Kylo), so they are starting to show up at retailers.