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Fellow collector "Khalen" has pointed something out about The Black Series 3 3/4 Card Front photos we posted a few days ago. There are 2 different bubble variants. One has a totally smooth bubble and the other has a thermoformed bubble that mirrors the Orange Deco pattern on the left side of the card. Click on the photo above and look at the red arrows. I have some figures coming to show the variant better, but for now I just posted Luke and Vader. When I get the other figures, I will post a side by side of the same figure in both bubbles.

Now here is the 1000 dollar question, which came first? Honestly I cant answer that question as of right now because all the figure I have share the same date stamp of 31611. But the second batch of figures I have coming hopefully have different date stamps. I should get these by Monday.

If you have some of these in hand please post your bubble type and date stamp.




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