The Black Series 6-Inch Deluxe Speeder Sets Box Variants Found

My local Walmart store had a clearance End Cap of The Black Series 6-Inch Speeder Sets this morning. The Toy Manager said that these were just found in their back stock room due to it getting emptied out from the Holiday Shopping Season. My local stores only stocked these maybe twice when they were first released last Fall and then they disappeared and I never seen them again at retail.

Anyways for the variant hunters out there, I noticed that the box numbers have changed on these. Not sure what Hasbro changed yet on the boxes (could just be a simple text typo or change) but will take some photos and find out next week after the Holiday. If you know what was changed feel free to post it in the comments.

Box Variants:

TBS 6" Luke with Landspeeder
• 1st release - PN00013381
• 2nd release - PN00017144

TBS 6" Rey with Speeder
• 1st release - PN00013383
• 2nd release - PN00017143