Back on December 28th we made a post that had their Exclusive Black Series 3.75-Inch Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader in stock which has since sold out. Well it looks like Walmart oversold or possibly never had the product to fill orders and have begun to send out cancelation emails tonight. Did your order get cancelled or filled? Post in the comments.

"Hello John,

Thanks for your recent order. We're really sorry, but the items shown below are out of stock. Since we don't know when we'll get them in again, we've canceled the items from your order and won't charge you for them.

After reviewing the details below, visit our Help Center if you have any questions. Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is unmonitored.

-Your Walmart Customer Care Team

Order number: 00000-00000
Order date: Thu, Dec 28, 2017

Canceled items:
Qty: 2
Star Wars S1 Bl Shark Trooper Yellow"