I received some emails from our readers asking if I knew anything about a Light and Dark Cloak variant on The Black Series 6-Inch 46: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) figure. I was aware that the Luke that was packed in the Convention Exclusive Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) & Rey (Jedi Training) 2-Pack had a Lighter Cloak then the single boxed figures, but I didn't think any the Lighter Cloaks carried over to the single boxes, but just to make sure I grabbed my early samples that were sent to me a while back and sure enough the Lighter Cloak did make it to the single boxes.

The Lighter Cloaks seem to be packed in 46: Boxes with Date Stamps earlier then 71671. Anyways took a boxed comparison photo (above), The Lighter Cloak is on the left and the Darker on the Right. If you want a larger view of the picture, open the pop-up image in a new window. When I finish photographing this figure, I will includes a loose side-by-side photo of the Cloaks on the figure's page, which will make the variants easier to see.

• 1st version - Lighter Cloak.
• 2nd version - Darker Cloak.