Final TLJ 3.75-Inch Products Now Entertainment Earth Exclusives - Preorders Live

Looks like Hasbro has decided to offer up some of their remaining The Last Jedi 3.75-Inch Products (that they decided to produce) as Exclusives to Entertainment Earth and they have already started to take preorders.

TLJ 3.75-Inch: First Order Flame Trooper (Firing Pose)
• TLJ 3.75-Inch: C'ai Threnalli
• TLJ 3.75-Inch: Finn (First Order Disguise) vs. Captain Phasma 2-Pack

If you recall these were revealed by Hasbro last year along with a single carded The Last Jedi 3.75-Inch Emperor Palpatine, which may have been cancelled. A possible reason is he was part of the Target Exclusive Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Battle 3-Pack, so Hasbro may have decided not to produce him on a single card for the US Market, but guess we will have to wait and see.