At the video chat with Hasbro today they gave us a tour of Jabba’s Sail Barge and pointed out the details (new and old) about the product itself and also sent us some new Press Images which can be viewed on our Facebook Page.

The Barge itself is extremely detailed and here are some of the things that stood out during our Chat.

• Jabba’s Dais slides left and right
• Trap door on deck opens to jail cell below (push button)
• All rooms have door openings (not closed off).
• Sails and supports can be removed in 1 piece.
• All ladders from lower deck have hatch openings to upper deck which figures can pass (except Gamorrean Guard)
• 2 Upper deck cannons that can be moved to 6 positions on rails
• Cockpit will only have some stickers to apply, some details will be painted on.
• Shutters open and close.
• Prison Door Slides open and close.
• No figure peg holes for figures except for 2 by Main Cannon.