Card Variants Found - Solo: A Star Wars Story 3.75-Inch Wave 1

For those that like to collect card variants, the entire first wave of Solo: A Star Wars Movie 3.75-Inch Basic figures can be found on 2 different card PNs. At a quick glance it just looks like Hasbro changed some of the text (i.e. figure includes & etc) on the back of the cards. I will start to photograph these soon, but if you would like to try and track them down below is a list of the first and second PN for each character.

• PN00021537
• PN00025425

• PN00021536
• PN00025426

Stormtrooper (Mimban)
• PN00021540
• PN00025427

Luke Skywalker
• PN00021541
• PN00025430

• PN00021538
• PN00025429

Range Trooper
• PN00021542
• PN00025431

• PN00021539
• PN00025428