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Stopped by my local Toys R Us on my lunch break and found the new Black Series: 6" Deluxe, Cantina Showdown, and Battle of Endor.

Also on the shelves were Rebels and Command toys. I snapped some pics with my iPhone and uploaded them to our Facebook Page if you want to check them out.

Just stopped by my local Target here in Texas and found The Black Series 6" Deluxe on the Shelf. If your curious if your local stores has these as well, give them a call and ask if they could check stock on DPCI# 087-06-0901. Happy Hunting!

If you follow Hasbro on Twitter, you probably seen this Tweet in your feed today:

"Missed the Toy Shop line at #SDCC? will have #HasbroSDCC exclusives on sale soon! Check back for details"

No specific date has been given yet, but make sure you keep checking, or you may miss out on these exclusives as they tend to sell out in about 5 - 10 minutes.

Stopped by my local Target on my way home from the Airport (Stayed a few extra days in San Diego after SDCC), and they had some of the new Star Wars Rebels (Lightsaber), Command, & Hero series on the shelves. Took some pictures with my iPhone, and uploaded them earlier today to our Facebook Page if you want to check them out.

Disney's 15 1/2" Talking Chewbacca Figure can now be found in stock at your local Disney Stores and at Retail price is $29.95. Happy Hunting!

I was able to get in some more questions today, so here they are:

Question 1) There is a rumor of a 6” Jabba’s Throne Room accessory pack. True or false? The rumors are claiming that this set will include Crumb, Han Solo Carbonite, Jabba’s Hooka and Dias. If this set is true, could this possibly be a exclusive?

Hasbro: Just a rumor. We would like to get to that, but have done Han in Carbonite and Crumb already. Defiantly in the future we could look into producing Jabba’s Dias and other pieces of the Throne Room. But nothing is planned right now. Good idea though.


If your in need and willing to pay $114.99 (plus shipping) for the SDCC Exclusive 6" Jabba the Hutt, you can pre-order it now from a known US online retailer.

Just a reminder also, that these will hit Hasbro Toy Shop in a limited quantity as well for $70.

2014 Q&A with Hasbro at the SDCC.

22 questions asked. 20 questions answered, 2 no comment.

Question 1) I thought the whole idea behind the Rebels and Saga Legends figures was to cut cost by reducing articulation which is fine, but whats going on with the quality i.e. paint applications? They look Terrible!

Hasbro: To keep the $5.99 price point Hasbro has to pick and choose what paint applications are done to each figure to keep the cost down.

Star Wars Collector: We are not to concerned with the lack of paint applications, but the quality of what paint is being applied. There are lots of figures with sloppy paint applications. i.e. Eyes, mouth, and etc.

Hasbro: We will check and see whats going on. We want to do our best and maintain the quality of our products. Even at the lower $5.99 price point you should not expect anything less then a quality product from Hasbro.

At the end of the day Hasbro is making toys for the kids and fans like us. Our goal is to make a product with a price

... has posted a LiveBlog that breaks down all the new Star Wars toys that were just announced at the 2014 SDCC Hasbro Product Panel this afternoon. There was some great surprises, be sure to check it out.

Head over to our Facebook Page now to see newly announced toys from the 2014 SDCC Hasbro panel! has posted a new Star Wars Rebels Trailer called "A Look Ahead". You can get a sneak peek at what’s to come in the first season of Star Wars Rebels, including the appearance of a certain droid duo.

Toys R Us has sent out Emails yesterday, reminding us that their 2014 SDCC Exclusives will be available today at 10am ET on You can also buy them at the SDCC at Entertainment Earth's Booth #2343.

Just landed and got to my Hotel in San Diego. I will be hitting the Convention Center Floor Thursday. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for the most recent info and photos.

The Walgreens Exclusive TBS 6" Boba Fett Prototype is now listed as "Temporally out of stock" as of 9:50pm PST on 7/23/14. I really hope you guys were able to get your pre-orders in, when we first reported them being available.

If you missed out on the pre-order, be sure to keep checking Walgreens throughout this week. Also I would like to mention that these are suppose to be available at brick and mortar stores as well in the future.

Curious on how Hasbro created its 6-inch Jabba the Hutt Action Figure for the 2014 SDCC? A website called mental_floss has the behind the scenes and processes used to create this set. I actually first came across this story from a post on JediDefender. Pretty interesting read. has given us a first look at the SDCC 2014 Star Wars Pavilion, be sure to check it out.

Couldn't sleep last night, so at about 4am, I grabbed my iPad and was surfing the net and decided to check the status on the Walgreens Exclusive TBS 6" Prototype Boba Fett and what do you know its available for pre-order (See screen shot above). After seeing that it was available on my iPad, I turned on my Desktop and it still showed out of stock. I cleared the cache and checked again. Still out of stock. Tried on my iPhone and it allows you to update quantity, but there is no add to cart button. Went back to my iPad and successively placed 2 orders. First order was around 4am and a second at 5am. The orders went though and I got a confirmation email for both already. I don't own any Android products, so I am not sure if you can order on that platform or not at the moment.

Boba Fett has a estimated ship date of 10/15/14. 

Remember you heard it here first!

Update: Ordering using a Laptop and Desktop is now working. Only issues seem to be with moble browsers as we first reported. If you


Thank you for submitting your questions for our Q&A session with Hasbro at the 2014 SDCC. Here are the final 20 questions we will try and ask within our allotted 10 minutes.

1. I thought the whole idea behind the Rebels and Saga Legends figures was to cut cost by reducing articulation which is fine, but whats going on with the quality i.e. paint applications? They look Terrible!

2. Please tell us that Hasbro has given up on the reduced sized 3.75" vehicles and is going back to the normal sized ones. My kids hate them.

3. Whats with all the sloppy paint applications on all the Star Wars Toy lines? You guys are demanding a premium price for a subpar product. Do you not care about quality control anymore?

4. How come the updated Black Series #12 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper never seen a US release? It only got released in the UK.

If your heading to the San Diego Comic-Con 2014, be sure to check out as they have posted a complete guide of exclusive merchandise that can be found there from art, clothing, and action figures!

A extended version of the Star Wars Rebels Trailer has been released on the Star Wars YouTube channel and it looks great. We actually get to see Obi-Wan, Wookies, and some other characters in this extended 2:23 minute Trailer. Be sure to check it out.

Lucasfilm and J.J. Abrams has released another Force for Change video update on the Star Wars YouTube Channel, which reveals a redesigned X-Wing. Be sure to check out the video.

All 51 basic figures in The Power of the Force (Green Cards) Toy Line have now been revisited. You can now view HD Photos of each figure: Carded, Loose, Variants, and Errors. Be sure to check out all the new photos in our Photo Gallery.

Was surfing and found their Exclusive Black Series 6" Boba Fett Prototype listed, but not for sale as of yet.

It was announced that if your attending the 2014 SDCC you would be able to pre-order this figure. Hopefully will allow those not able to attend the chance to pre-order as well. Be sure to check the link next week!

The 1997 Power of the Force (Green Card) Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker figure was previously released back in 1996 on a Orange Card. Luke has 6 points of articulation which is Head, Shoulders, Waist, and Hips. He includes a Removable Cloak and Lightsaber.

• Square bubble and Normal photo on card front.
• Square bubble and Hologram photo on card front.
• Stand up bubble and Normal photo on card front.
• Stand up bubble and Hologram photo on card front.
• Card Back# 532822.01.
• Card Back# 532822.02.

Rebelscum has posted some Hi-Res Hasbro Product images of the 2014 Rebels Saga Legends Wave 1 figures. Hasbro has yet to make these officially availabe to fan sites but we will post them on our site as well when they become available.



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