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Today I have updated our HD Photo Gallery with the 2014 Rebels AT-DP (All Terrain Defense Pod) Vehicle. This includes boxed, loose, directions, and sticker sheet photos. Be sure to check out all the new pics!

A while back, Lucasfilm announced that the Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of Rebellion DVD would be released at retail on 10/14/14, but according to Walmart they are releasing it on 10/03/14, which is the same day it will air on TV via the Disney XD channel.

I have personally seen the signage in stores and also states the release date of the DVD is on 10/3/14 as well. More then likely Walmart cut a deal with Lucasfilm to release this earlier then other retailers, or someone in Walmart's Marketing Department made a big mistake.

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Was at the Mall today, so I stopped by the Disney Store and they had the Star Wars ''A New Hope'' and ''Return of the Jedi'' Figurine Playsets. The figures in these sets were about 3.5" to 4" tall but lacked any articulation. They looked ok, but nothing to get to excited about, but what do you expect for $12.95 each? These would make great cake toppers for any Star Wars Fan though. (kidding).

The Power of the Jedi IG-88 (Bounty Hunter) figure was released back in 2000 and packed on a Collection 2 card. Hasbro did a great job on the sculpt and he looks better then some of the other figures we have seen the past few years . There was one issue with this figure though. For some reason Hasbro originally produced this figure with a closed right hand, but then corrected this issue and released him with a open right hand. IG-88 has 7 points of articulation which are Upper Head, Lower Head, Shoulders, Chest, and Hips. IG-88 includes a Pulse Cannon and Removable Bandolier.

• Card back# 571100.0100.
• Card back# 571100.0300.
• Closed right hand.
• Open right hand.

A new video series called "From Concept to Collectible" has been posted over at the Star Wars YouTube Channel. These videos will give us a behind the scenes look on how the designers at Hasbro develop toys from the early stages to completion. The first video covers The Black Series 6" Speeder Bike with Biker Scout. Interesting stuff, be sure to check it out.

Added to our HD Photo Gallery today is The Black Series 6-Inch #02 Darth Vader figure. The sculpt and articulation of this figure is just amazing. Vader includes a removable 2 Piece Helmet, Lightsaber Hilt and Blade.

If I had to nitpick some issues with this figure it would be that his helmet does not really snap into place or fit flush on his head, leaving a small gap between the Helmet's faceplate and lower base. Also not really a fan that his cape is sewn to his Chest Armor.

Be sure to check out the new HD Pictures and form your own opinion.

Added some boxed preview photos of the Star Wars Rebels Class II Attack Vehicles (Wave 1). These have been showing up at Toys R Us stores across the nation with a retail price of $22.99.

The box art for this Toy Line looks awesome, but I am still not a fan of the reduced sized vehicles.

The "Rebels Saga Legends" (yes thats what Hasbro is calling it) Toy Line lists has been added to our site. Some of the toys from this Line have already started to hit retail, but the "Official" release date on most of this merchandise is suppose to be in October.

Was flipping through the Disney XD channel this evening and came across LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles "Raid On Coruscant" Episode. Had no idea that this Episode even aired since I did not receive any Press Info or even seen any advertisement for it.

The original air date was 9/7/14, but Disney XD is re-airing it throughout the next few weeks, so check your local listings and set your DVR if you missed it.

Today I have added the 2014 Black Series 6-Inch #03 Luke Skywalker to our HD Photo Gallery. This figure's sculpt looks fairly good with lots of articulation. Luke includes a Lightsaber Hilt, Blade, and 2 Interchangeable Jacket Panels.

Enjoy the new HD Pics!

Found the Star Wars: Rebels Class II Attack Vehicles at my local Texas Toys R Us today. They only had one of each vehicle on the shelf which was:

• AT-DP (All Terrain Defense Pod)
• The Phantom Attack Shuttle
• The Inquisitor's TIE Advance Prototype

Price was $22.99 each plus Tax.

Today we revisit another Jedi from the Power of the Jedi Toy Line. Here we have the Saesee Tiin (Jedi Master) figure. A nice looking sculpt with 7 points of articulation which are Head, Shoulders, Right Elbow, Waist, and Hips. He is packed with his Lightsaber.

Remember these are all new Clear HD Photos, so be sure to check them out. These are not your typical old run of the mill pics you see in some other archives. We include new loose, carded, variants, errors, and insert photos. Enjoy!

• Card back# 571101.0100.
• Card back# 571101.0300.
• Card back# 571101.0400.

Hasbro has sent us some Official Press Images of the Reveal the Rebels: Jedi Reveal Box Set. No other info has been given i.e. price or release date as of yet. Click the image above to check it out.

The 2014 Black Series 6-Inch #04 Chewbacca figure has been added to our HD Photo Gallery today. I have to say this is one awesome figure. The sculpt and articulation is just amazing. If I were you, I would defiantly spend the $20 and add him to your collection. Chewy includes his trademark Bowcaster and Bandolier.

As always enjoy our large and clear HD Photos that we are known for.

Just started to photograph The Black Series 6" #04 Chewbacca figure and have to say this figure is pretty impressive. To give you a idea on how tall this figure is, I took a photo of him standing next to his buddy Han. Just click the image above to check it out.

I am still working on the rest of the photos of Chewy, but he should be added to our HD Photo Gallery soon.

Stopped by another Walgreens on my way home tonight and scored The Black Series 6" #04 Chewbacca figure that has been eluding me the past few days. You can check out some boxed preview photos on our Facebook Page.

Disney's Exclusive Boba Fett Talking Figure has finally hit retail stores here in Texas. They were just stocked as of today at my 2 local stores. Not sure what the hold up was, since they have been available online for about 2 weeks now. Only downside to this figure is they used Temuera Morrison's (Jango Fett) voice instead of the original Boba Fett audio. So if your looking for this figure, be sure to call your local store and check stock this week. Price is $29.95 each.

Started to photograph The Black Series 6" Wave 5 figures and as a preview I have uploaded some boxed photos to our Facebook Page, if you want to check them out. The figures are:

#01 Sandtrooper
#02 Darth Vader
#03 Luke Skywalker

I still have yet to find a #04 Chewbacca, but hopefully will find one soon.

The Power of the Jedi Han Solo (Death Star Escape) figure was released back in 2000 and packed on a Collection 1 Card. Not really a fan of the pre-posed sculpts, but this one is not as bad as others. Han has 8 points of articulation which is Head, Shoulders, Elbows, Waist, and Hips. Accessories included with Han is just a Imperial Blaster. Enjoy the new HD Pics!

Added to our HD Photo Gallery today is the 2014 Walgreens Exclusive Black Series 6" Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) figure. This is just a repaint and repack of The Black Series #06 Boba Fett figure that was released back in 2013. Thats not a bad thing as the figure looks great.

These have just started to hit Walgreens stores across the Nation, so if your local store has not received them, be sure to keep checking. Enjoy our New HD Pictures!

Stopped by my local Texas Walgreens today to see if anymore Black Series 6" figures showed up. In all I visited 5 stores within 10 miles of my home and each store had 3 figures in stock. Here is what I found:

#01 Sandtrooper - 2
#02 Darth Vader - 2
#03 Luke Skywalker - 2
Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) - 9

No luck on finding a #04 Chewbacca as of yet.

Lucasfilm has uploaded the fourth Star Wars Rebels Short titled "Not What You Think" to the Star Wars YouTube Page. In this weeks Short, Ezra finds a downed TIE Fighter on the plains of Lothal and pretends to help the Imperial Pilot. Can't wait to see some full Episodes!

Started to photograph the 2014 Walgreens Exclusive 6" Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) figure and as a preview I have uploaded some HD boxed photos, while I work on some loose pics. In my opinion the new Black Series box design looks much better then the previous version, plus I was not a fan of the orange color used previously.

The figure itself is the same as The Black Series 6" #06 Boba Fett figure, and the paint deco is basically done in just white, black, silver, and gray colors.

After striking out on searching for the Walgreens Exclusive Black Series 6" Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) wave last night at a few 24 hour stores here in Texas, I decided to call around (using UPC# 63050925254) to some non 24 hour stores this morning and found 2 stores that showed they had 3 in stock. I drove to the closest store to pick up the 3 they had. This store only had 3 Fetts and thats it. No Chewbacca, Luke Jedi, Vader, or Sandtrooper, which is fine with me, since those are not exclusive anyways. 

Reports circulating Online that The Walgreens Exclusive 6" Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) along with Vader, Chewbacca, and Jedi Luke have been found at local stores in Florida and Arizona. I checked a few stores here in Texas today, but had no luck. They did have plenty of the Game of Thrones and Spider Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom figures in stock though.

These should start to hit most stores within a week or so. Happy Hunting!



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