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Q&A Session With The Hasbro Star Wars Team – Whats Your Thoughts on Their Answers?

Q&A Session With The Hasbro Star Wars Team – Whats Your Thoughts on Their Answers?

Q&A Session With The Hasbro Star Wars Team

This morning we had a Q&A Session with Patrick Schneider and Chris Reiff from the Hasbro Star Wars Team. We were limited to 5 questions pertaining to Pulse Con 2021. We ended up with 6 answered questions since one of our questions was asked multiple times before we could ask it.

Q1. Hasbro promotes the Pulse Con 2021 Exclusive The Black Series 6-inch The Cantina Showdown Playset combining with additional Cantina Showdown Playsets to create the full scene inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope, but there was a limit of 1 per customer. How are we suppose to build out The Cantina Showdown Playset, if Hasbro only allowed us to buy 1? Will more quantities be available? In this form or another?

Answer: Hasbro Patrick: When we originally envisioned this item we designed it as modular, what was it a year and a half ago or 18 months, the world was in a very different place and honestly we just didn’t get the quantities that we expected because of the state of the world. We are potentially looking into get additional quantities of that item in 2022 because again we want fans to be able to build out the whole Cantina if they want to and given the quantities we had available we wanted to do our best to ensure that everyone that wanted one got one. But again there is that possibility that we will get additional quantities and get them out in 2022. I don’t know if Chris wants to speak on the last part of your question about getting it out in one form or another.

Answer: Hasbro Chris: There is always the possibility that we can find another way to bring out some of those Cantina Bar parts. There is no plans for that currently, but it always that sort of thing we look to, ways to continue to offer pieces like that to the fans.

Q2. The HasLab TBS 6-Inch Rancor looks awesome, We got drool, but why not include the Bone that Luke puts in his mouth? Will the Bone be included if numbers hit bonus tiers? Also it would be great if the bone actually broke apart.

Answer: Hasbro Patrick: Thats a good comment about the bone breaking it apart, we’ll see. We’re basically going to the reveals that are planned throughout the campaign, you know we could see some of them sooner rather than later. We are excited about the Rancor campaign and we are excited to see how it does, so we could see some of those tier reveals , again rather sooner than later.

Q3. Hasbro Pulse Premium Members, why was there no early access to order the Pulse Con 2021 Star Wars Exclusives? A lot of people paid $50 in hopes of this, but it did not happen. Some Hasbro Pulse Premium Members that are strictly Star Wars fans missed out on The Black Series 6-Inch Cantina which has sold out. Seems like the only benefit to Hasbro Pulse Premium Members that are Star Wars fans this year is pretty much free shipping, which most retailers offer for free.

Answer: Hasbro Patrick: Thanks for sharing the feedback from Fans. Unfortunately at this time that is the policy. You know we hear you guys and take that feedback into consideration. Hopefully Premium Members enjoyed the 1027 Event last week with a cool few Black Series reveals that was just for Premium Members. But umm ya that is the policy.

Q4. Will Hasbro break up the newly revealed The Disney Parks / Shop Disney Exclusive Galaxy’s Edge The Black Series 6-Inch First Order, Droid Depot, and Creature Sets later down the road, and offer select figures from these packs as Target Exclusives as they did with the previously released sets?

Answer: Hasbro Patrick: Theres no current plans to do so and there weren’t those plans kind of when those items launched in 2019. Target’s Galaxy Edge program provided a great opportunity to do that. If a similar opportunity comes down the line, we are certainly open to it, but right now the plan is for those items to be available only in the Galaxy Edge Sets.

Q5. For The Black Series 6-Inch Figrin D’an Pipe line reveal, will he be a deluxe figure and include all the band’s instruments, so we can buy multiples to form the entire band? i.e. kloo horn, Ommni Box, fanfar, and etc? (This question was asked by multiple sites before we could ask)

Answer: Hasbro Patrick: We cant go into the details quite yet. We are aware of the desire for the full band. We are talking about it in ways to make that happen , that said we cant deliver the full band in main line, so we are figuring it out. There will be certainly a main line release but then also potentially a way to get the full band.

Q6. The 3 Black Series 6-Inch figures included in the Pulse Con 2021 Exclusive The Cantina Showdown Playset, we have already seen some photos leaked online for a single boxed Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba, will the updated photo real Obi-Wan Kenobi figure also be released in a single box in the main line as well?

Answer: Hasbro Patrick: Ya we can’t comment on anything that is leaked, but right now there are no current plans to release the photo real updated Obi-Wan Kenobi anywhere else.

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