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Our Redesigned Star Wars Collector Site

Our Redesigned Star Wars Collector Site

New Site

Our website look and feel has changed last week. This new design incorporates new interactive and dynamic web elements to enhance your experience as you enjoy the best quality of Star Wars news reporting and high definition, super clear photo galleries.

Please pardon the dust as we continue to settle in with this new layout and appearance, without sacrificing our content quality and timeliness.

Although we strive to continue to adapt with the fast-paced web technologies, we also acknowledge that some of our long-time readers may not be happy with this change.. There is so much more we can do with the new site by leveraging new technologies that we could not do with the old one.  We are here to evolve and adapt so we can bring the best experience and content to our loyal fanbase.

Latest news will be posted as usual on our site, so please continue to visit our site. However, news archive will not be available in this new site. The Photo Galleries are not completely up yet, and we are working towards keeping them up-to-date in line with our new design.

We hope you enjoy this new design as much as we do. We truly appreciate you and value your feedback.

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