Was surfing around on GameStop.com today, and noticed that they have "Listed" their Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Purge Stormtrooper figure on its own (not for sale yet) for $24.99.

If you recall this figure was part of the Jedi: Fallen Order Video Game Bundle that Game Stop was offering with a release of 11/15/19, and then local Game Stop stores (and Think Geek) offered this figure on its own briefly in limited quantities.

Also Game Stop's Game informer magazine advertised this figure for sale at GameStop.com back in December 2019 but that never happen.

Anyways since this has just been "Listed" on GameStop.com today there is a possibility it may be offered for sale (maybe for May the 4th?), but nothing has been 100% confirmed as of yet, but if you are in need be sure to check their product page once in a while, you never know.