Why Is Hasbro Pulse Selling Amazon's Exclusives - And Will Amazon Still Sell Them? ... Yes

This morning I read through all the comments for the newly announced Amazon Exclusive reveals on Hasbro Pulse's Instagram post and seen that they have explained why they are taking preorders for the Amazon Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch 4-LOM And Zuckuss 2-Pack, Han (Carbonite) and Carbonized Darth Vader.

Basically Hasbro Pulse stated that Amazon is focused on delivering essential items during the Coronavirus Pandemic and couldnt launch the preorders yesterday, so Hasbro Pulse decided to step up and offer them to the fans. But per Hasbro Pulse, Amazon will start to take preorders this week (maybe May the 4th?).

Below is the full Hasbro Pulse Instagram post.

Hasbropulse - Verified:

"Hasbro Pulse Fans – Thank you for your excitement for the Star Wars products revealed during Hasbro Pulse’s Fan First Friday livestream yesterday. Due to their continued focus on delivering essential items during this unprecedented time, some of our retail partners may not be able to launch yesterday’s pre-orders until next week. In the meantime, we are making quantities available on Hasbro Pulse for those fans who are interested in pre-ordering today. Thank you for your understanding and continued support! — Hasbro Pulse Team"