You Can Preorder Game Stop's Exclusive TBS 6-Inch Shadow Stormtrooper At Your Local Store

Warning: Do not put yourself at risk. If you do decide on your own to go out, take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy.

We have not been doing store reports since the Coronavirus Pandemic started a few months back, but now that some states (like Texas) are now allowing stores like Game Stop to reopen, we will start to post them again.

Anyways since has limited these to 1 figure per order and a $5.99 shipping charge, I decided to stop by my local Game Stop today (They just reopened) to dig up the SKU for this figure, which is 212422 and check if I could preorder it in store. I asked if i could preorder more then 1 figure and they said sure no problem.

If your local store is not open for walk in sales, you can check and see if they are offering Delivery@Door, in which you are not allowed to enter the stores, but can talk to an associate outside the store front and place orders.

Also, just a note, my local store is not accepting Cash at all to avoid any spread of Coronavirus, only Credit Cards.