Morning Q & A Session With Hasbro's Star Wars Team

This morning we were invited to attend a Group Q & A session with Hasbro's Star Wars Team via Google Hangouts. Representing Hasbro was Patrick Schneider (Hasbro Global Brand Manager, Star Wars) and Eric Franer (Designer, Star Wars) and it was moderated by Litzky PR. In attendance was other Fans sites as well. Time was limited so we were only able to get in 4 questions each. Below are the questions and answers.

Question 1.) Since the Retro Collection is very popular, will we see a Retro Collection Playsets, Creatures, and etc from the past in the future? 

Answer Hasbro (Patrick): Thats interesting, We have been super excited about the Retro Collection, it seems to have kind of kicked of a trend of bringing back these figures from our youth, so we love seeing the reactions of fans to both the F4 version and F5 one this year. Honestly we originally intended these for the more casual fans, kind of hitting that nostalgia throw back trend. But we see hardcore fans loving it as well, so we been really excited about that. Uh obviously you know, we always say we cant reveal anything new that has not already been previously revealed. Thats a awesome idea, if the retro collection continues in the future its definitely something we can explore. One of the things we would want to make sure is one of the things that make the Retro Collection cool is that those sculpts and styling is so different from what figures look like today. We would just have to look at to see if the same thing is true towards vehicles and creatures. I think Vehicles especially since those are kind of you know easier to tool panels for, there may not be as many differences from the vehicles today so it may not be as meaningful but that is a cool idea and something we talked about and something you may see in the future.


Question 2.) Is Hasbro any closer in deciding on wether or not to make figure stands available separately (maybe in a box of 12) for The Black Series 6-Inch figures?

Answer Hasbro (Eric):
 When it comes to stands its something we definitely try to do, I believe we had it in the Clone Commander Obiwan Kenobi figure, it was that kind of wedge stand. Its something we would like to look into going forward. I know the Marvel team has done a lot with stands so its something we would look to that team and see what their successes with stands are and how they are doing it. We work very closely with them. When we are at the office we sit just down the hall from them so we are able to interact with them pretty regularly every day. There is a lot of learnings there to take from the Marvel Team for these stands. Its something we would like to see out in the line, there is a tooling investment there. At time we try to aim at more movie accurate accessories that you can pose out your figures with and kind of play out the movie scene. But we know that obviously stands are something that is important especially when you get into characters like Jedi that are in extreme poses and to pose figures out for photography and stuff.

Question 3.) Any chance we will see a realistic The Black Series 6-Inch “Zeb” Garazeb Orrelios to go along with our other Star Wars Rebels crew?

Answer Hasbro (Eric):

 So we have heard a lot of demand for Zeb, ah Zeb is obviously a awesome looking figure, he is very cool looking. We cant comment on anything that has not been announced yet or shown but it is something we are very aware of. I think we have been asked this question at pretty much every convention I been to, it something we are very actively aware of. It something that we would like to see in the line, but obviously I cant comment much at the moment.

Answer Hasbro (Patrick):

 The only thing I will add here is we are on the public record, I think Steve Evans our design director at the time,  said at 2017 Hascon that we would do the entire Rebels crew at some point, so we are still committed to that, at some point we will complete that crew and it will be a great day when it does and I can retire at that point hehe.

Question 4.) Collectors really want The Black Series 6-Inch Jabba the Hutt Dias to go along with the figure and have been asking for one for years. Any chance on that happening? Maybe make a deluxe set that includes Bib Fortuna and Jabba’s Dias?

Answer Hasbro (Eric): 

It’s certainly in the realm of possibility I think we have been asked this kind of question a lot for those smaller kind of scene building set pieces, things to build out the universe a little bit more and have these smaller kind of vignettes . Its something that we had at least in our San Diego Comic-Con display last year, but that was a custom made thing we made specifically for that. We also make those displays to get feedback from people to see like O would people be interested in this Jabba’s Dias or his Throne Room or other vignettes people would be interested in. A lot comes down to allocating the tooling across the line as we are developing those accessories and those smaller set pieces. As I said earlier we do read the comments and if there are things like this we would love to get some of those set pieces out there for the fans, especially to start to build up that world. We know that the photography community is like huge for The Black Series, so let us know in the comments, we do read them and we would love to take some of this inspiration back to our team and say hey this is what the fans want.