So back in February I placed a preorder for Walmart's Exclusive Retro Collection 3.75-Inch Wave 2 figures, just like many of you did. I placed 1 preordered for 2 sets of 6 and 2 extra Yoda figures, for a total of 14 figures. As we previously reported a few days ago, has started to process and ship preorders already.

My single preorder which had 14 figures on it arrived today, but instead of shipping multiple figures in a few shipping boxes, they shipped each figure in its own Box or Envelope, thus me finding 14 packages at my doorstep today. All my preorders came from the same fulfillment center in Florida.

Anyways found it kind of crazy they shipped all my preorders separately, but it didn't really matter to me since shipping was free. What did matter to me was the condition on how they arrived, since I am a mint on card collector, I was hoping for 1 mint on mint card set but that did not happen.

As you could guess the single figures shipped in padded envelopes were totally trashed. They also shipped some figures in boxes to small, so they forced the cards in the small boxes trashing the cards. Now 9 figures did arrive in very over-sized boxes, but they still managed to get mangled. Out of the 14 figures about 4 arrived on mint cards. It was very disappointing.

I really hope Hasbro does offer these to Fan Channels soon, just as they did with the Target Exclusive Retro Collection Wave 1 figures.