Lack Of Basic Hasbro Star Wars Products At Walmart - Month 4

Typically over the years my local Texas High Volume Walmart stores have restocked Hasbro Star Wars products regularly, but its been 5 months since they have even restocked any of the Star Wars Basics like The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch or The Black Series 6-Inch products at all. They did receive a minimal amount of the Retro Collection and The 40th Anniversary Black Series 6-Inch figures about a month or so ago, but those sold out in a matter of minutes and were never restocked.

Whats odd is all of the other Hasbro Product lines (i.e. Transformers and etc) are always replenished with newer product and I rarely see empty pegs and shelves for those other Product Lines, but for some reason Star Wars is always neglected as seen in the photo above.

Is Hasbro not manufacturing enough Star Wars Product to ship to all venders or is it just Walmart refusing to buy it?

Anyways from what I have been hearing from other readers and friends, this is hows it been at their local Walmarts since 2020. I guess this is the new norm for Walmart and Star Wars.