Reminder - Target's Exclusive Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Products Launch 8/30 Online And In Stores

Just want to remind you that Target's Exclusive Galaxy's Edge Products will be available on 8/30 at starting at 2am CT (Per and in stores when they open in the morning.

Just a FYI, there are some products that Hasbro and Target did not officially reveal yet such as:

• TBS 6-Inch Commander Pyre
• TBS 6-Inch Mountain Trooper
• TBS 6-Inch R5-P8
• Droid Depot 3.75-Inch Sets - BB and Astromech Units

Hasbro and Target has been tight lipped and has not sent us any Press Releases for the above mentioned products, but some of these products have already been found at local stores. We are not sure if the unannounced items will pop up on tonight at 2am CT or not. Guess we will find out tonight.

Galaxy's Edge Product Landing Page.