More Random Walgreens Stores Receiving Exclusive TBS 6-Inch Phase 1 Clone Trooper Lieutenant

Another one of my local Texas Walgreens Stores received their Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Phase 1 Clone Trooper Lieutenant figures yesterday 10/3 on their weekly Saturday Stock Truck. Its kind of odd the way these are hitting my local stores.

For example out of the 12 local Walgreens stores in my area, only 1 store received them today, while the other 11 did not. It was the same situation when I found them back on 9/26 as well.

I did have a couple store managers check the Walgreens Distribution Warehouse (that feeds my area) for stock and they do have them, so its kind of odd they are not shipping these figures out to all the stores at the same time yet.

Anyways if you are still looking for these, find out what days your local stores receive Stock Trucks and stop by or call on those days to check stock. The WIC# for this is 831041.

Also still not sure if / when will offer these again.

Happy Hunting!!!