Hasbro Q&A Follow Up - What Happen To TBS 6-Inch 110: Anakin Skywalker (Padawan) Soft Goods Skirt?

We had a Q&A with Hasbro back on 11/5 and asked a question, but they did not have a answer then, but today they followed up with a answer.

Q1): Why is The Black Series 6-Inch 110: Anakin Skywalker (Padawan) figure missing his soft goods cloth skirt? Hasbro announced that this figure would include a soft goods cloth skirt and it was included in the Press Photos. Was this a mistake during manufacturing or a design change that was decided at the last moment? If it was a manufacturing error, will we see a corrected version at all?

Answer From Hasbro (Eric Franer):
As we announce figures, they may sometimes be in the very early stages of production and much can change before the product heads to retail. We share early looks at figures because we love to give fans a peek at what's to come, but sometime images shown while a figure is in production do not always reflect the final product. We can confirm that at this time the figure will not include soft goods.