Restocked at Hasbro Pulse - Exclusive TBS 6-Inch The Armorer

Just received a email from Hasbro Pulse stating that they have restocked the Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch The Armorer figure. Currently (just ordered one for a gift) it is listed as in stock. Price is $29.99 each with a limit of 2 per order.

Direct product link.

Update sold out. But just a thought...

In the Hasbro Pulse email it states

"Enjoy early access (12-3PM ET) to our new Back In Stock drops just for being a Hasbro Pulse Premium Member!*"

So not 100% sure, but might be a slim chance that Hasbro held some back for NON "Hasbro Pulse Premium Members" that may be available at 3PM EST.

Remember, I am not saying Hasbro Pulse is going to do this for sure, but if you are in need its worth a shot to check at 3PM EST.