Read Five Designs has sent us a Press Release and Images for their The Star Wars Toy Guide Volume One (Kenner Action Figures 1977-1985) Book. It is a Kickstarter campaign which has already started and ends 12/20/2020. You can read the Press Release below and view the images on our Facebook Page.

Press Release:
London, United Kingdom, 4 December 2020

The Star Wars Toy Guide Volume One (Kenner Action Figures 1977-1985) – the most in-depth book with complete cross referencing throughout and never before seen card back flowcharts that includes potential undiscovered cards.

Not only will this book cover card fronts and card backs throughout the complete line but it also identifies possible undiscovered cards through use of the unique card back flowcharts as well as aid fans whichever way they choose to collect. Collectors will be able to view by waves, concentrate on individual character collecting as well as discover the various ways in which the figures were available. It strips back all of what we know and reconfigures it in a clear and decisive way displayed in a beautifully case-bound book, making it a collector’s piece in its own right.

The Kickstarer has already begun and ends 20th December 2020. So there are only 15 days (from the date above) to pre-order a copy.

For more info check out their website, and if you want to back this project head on over to their Kickstarter Page.