Our Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Livestream Q&A With Hasbro

This morning we had a Q & A with Hasbro’s Patrick Schneider (Hasbro Global Brand Manager, Star Wars) and Eric Franer (Designer, Star Wars). The Topic was to discuss the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary livestream Product reveals that took place via the Hasbro Pulse YouTube Channel back on 1/29/2021. The questions we asked were from reader’s posts or comments as stated on our Website or Facebook Page

1.) Why does it always seem that Walmart has issues with exclusives? They take preorders just to cancel them and then a very small amount is released at local Stores. Also when is The 3 newly announced Walmart Exclusive TVC figures suppose to be available for preorder or available at local stores?

Answer - Patrick:

In term of those 3 figures, as we said on the livestream, we didn’t preorder those on the livestream and will take a more selective approach to that moving forward. They might be preordered at some point in the future. If they will be, we will do everything we can that we make sure the preorder experience is smooth, we didn’t feel confident in that on January 29th, and thats why we did not do it then. We will also announce it in advance so its not a surprise when they go up for preorder, since the figures have already been revealed.

In terms on when they will be available at local stores it will be later this Spring or early Summer, again we try not to put a specific date on it because things can change and we don’t want anyone watching their calendar for a specific date and they don’t come then. In terms of the larger issue (obtaining Walmart Exclusives), we are aware of it and know first hand what you guys are going through and that said it is very valuable to hear from you guys, so we understand that frustration. I can say we are actively having discussions and meetings to try and figure out what those issues are and were they are in the process. It is true that we are all on the same page here and it does not benefit us to have these issues and it does not benefit anyone, so we are doing everything we can to work through them and try to get to a better place in the future.

2.) Whats going on with all the Exclusives? Can you guys just produce general releases? Its so hard to obtain Exclusives sometimes, specially at Walmart. A Exclusive once in a while is ok, but lately it seems every other figure is a Exclusive.

Answer - Patrick:

We said this before , if you look at our main line offerings for both The Black Series and Vintage Collection, they maintain at about the same number. I don’t think we have seen a shift of characters from main line to Exclusives and when you throw in the Deluxe figures, you may even have more. The Exclusives, the honest truth they are really a bonus, they are figures that we are able to do, that we would not be able to do otherwise, because there is a limit on what we can do in the main line. They are kind of a key part of that relationship with our retail partners and again we would not be able to provide them all other wise, , so this is basically a way to get additional items out there to the fans that we other wise would not be able to do and we think that is valuable for the fans.

3.) Whats with the huge 50th Anniversary logos on the packaging couldn’t you just put a smaller logo to make the packaging more appealing? Is the logo on the front of the Best Buy Kenner inspired figures a sticker that can be removed or is it printed?

Answer - Patrick:

Its a mix, some are stickers on the blisters and some are printed and that is basically based on how large the blister is and if it allows room for a sticker. In terms of the logos our brand design team is fantastic, they kind of went back through history and kind of use that precedent. I like the way our team has worked the logo into the overall ascetic, so we like the way they turned out, but obviously as always, let us know what you and your readers are thinking.

4.) Why just repack figures that were already released for the Best Buy Exclusive Phantom Menace The Black Series 6-Inch cards? We really need some new figures, and it seems we keep getting a lot of repacks lately.

Answer - Patrick:

We are still giving you the same number of new figures, these are just a bonus to the line.

5.) There was rumors that we would see the 2019 SDCC 40th Anniversary The Black Series 6-Inch Retro Boba Fett figure re-released, but there was no reveal on the livestream. Is this still in the works or was the rumor just that?

Answer - Eric:

At the moment that was just a rumor, we have not revealed anything, obviously we cant speak to anything that or either are just rumors or anything we have personally not revealed or announced. Ya it was just a rumor.