This morning we had a Q & A with Hasbro’s Patrick Schneider (Hasbro Global Brand Manager, Star Wars) and Eric Franer (Designer, Star Wars). The questions we asked were submitted from our readers.

Q1. Why have you guys not produced a The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch or Black Series 6-Inch Blurrg or Boba Fett from The Mandalorian yet? These would sell like hotcakes.

Hasbro Answer from Eric: So we cant speak to anything that has not been officially announced or released . These are all things that we have considered and aware of, that fans really want and we do know they would sell really well and there is a huge demand for them. While we cant announce anything right now, it is something we are aware of and something really cool to get in the line, especially a 6-Inch Blurrg.

Q2. Any possibility that we would see The Bad Batch figures in The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch line?

Hasbro Answer from Eric: While we don’t have anything to announce right now. Obviously the Bad Batch is a new piece of entertainment that is coming and we always try to make sure we support the new entertainment in our lines. It’s certainly a possibility that we could see them come to The Vintage Collection.

Q3. Why does it take so long for popular characters to get figures, such as Boba Fett from The Mandalorian? I understand development but it seems very purposeful to make fans wait almost a year or two in getting their hands on hot properties like this. Doesn’t Disney give you guys access and knowledge of upcoming characters months in advance, so that you can get them produced in time when these characters are debuted?

Hasbro Answer from Patrick: As always we have a great partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney, and we trust them on when they give us access to assets and there has not been any change in the past few years. I can go back to The Force Awakens and the old man Luke Skywalker Jedi Master we were not able to put out until 2017 and we said publicly we seen him for the first time on screen the same time you guys did and sometimes there are certainly some assets that are like that. Jon Favreau said publicly that Grogo (The Child), we seen him for the first time on screen as you guys did. There are always going to be things in that camp and we always work to get them out as quickly as possible, and then there is obviously characters that we do see before hand and we are able to get them out a bit more quickly, but again as with a lot of things our interest are aligned here and we are on the same page. For hot characters we want to get them out as quick as possible and we are doing everything to do so.

Q4. How do you guys determine what products get sent to retailers in individual white / brown Hasbro shipping boxes i.e. Amazon’s Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Retro figures? How come Best Buy’s Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Phantom Menace figures did not receive the same treatment? It’s really great when products get this extra layer of protection, so they arrive in mint packaging.

Hasbro Answer from Patrick: We are defiantly aware of some of the discrepancies in packaging and also read feedback from fans on different ways items are shipped from different retailers and Hasbro Pulse is in that mix as well . When we do get this feedback we bring it back to discuss on ways to improve that. It’s good to get this feedback and something we will definitely address and if possible impact moving forward.

Q5. Now that some tentative Black Series figure box re-designs, with less plastic, have been shown, what has the feedback been like and how do you respond to those who want to see the figure in the packaging?

Hasbro Answer from Patrick: We are always doing ongoing research on ways to improve the customers experience with our products, not only the product but the packaging that they come in. Despite any online conversation we are not able to comment on plans to announce any new packaging at this time.