Did a toy run this morning and hit up 3 of my local Target stores in Texas looking for their Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch The Clone Wars figures. As of today my local stores only received Clone Pilot Hawk, and ARC Trooper Echo. Anakin and Obi-wan did not arrive yet.

So what was my experience? 2 of the stores refused to bring any of these figures out from the stockroom due to their store managers putting a hold on this product for an End Cap Display that will be set on 5/23. The third store I stopped by were allowing the sale of these, but the manager put a limit of 2 figures per customer, which was fine since they only had the 2 figures anyways.

Also just a FYI, the figures come in solid case packs of 6 and are not assorted. Above is a quick picture of the 2 figures I picked up and the empty Hasbro Shipping Case.