Packaging Variant - Target’s Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch The Clone Wars Figures

Last week I noticed that there were some packaging changes on Target’s Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch The Clone Wars Figures. I wanted to find some more samples before making a post about it.

The variant is Hasbro glued on some Peg Tab Supports on the back of the original cards. The first release Tab Supports were printed in all white, and the second release had some blue stripes added to it.

So why the change? Well all the Cards Backs have the same blue stripes already printed under the Peg Tab Supports. I actually peeled off the Peg Tab Supports on Cards Backs with both the all white and blue striped Peg Tab Supports to confirm.

Hasbro printed these Peg Tab Supports in all white by mistake then decided to correct them with the blue stripes Peg Tab Supports, to match the printed Card Back.

As of this post, nothing else was changed on the card backs, except for the print change on the added Peg Tab Supports on all 4 figures. I know some people could care less about these changes, but for those that do here you go.