After posting all the Hasbro Press Releases last week, I had to go out of town and had minimal internet access, but I just arrived back home today and was able to check our inbox and it is full of emails from readers not happy with the influx of Exclusive Hasbro Star Wars products that have been getting released the past few years.

Most of the emails statements fall into the these complaints:

• Retailers selling out almost instantly due to Bots.

• Limited stock available for preorders.

• Retailers not sticking to the predetermined times preorders are suppose to start.

• More Exclusives than general releases.

• Tired of having to pay scalper prices on eBay to fill the hole in their collection.

Also noted were lots of collectors saying they are done with the Star Wars Collecting hobby, because over the past few years, it is just to difficult and stressful to try and obtain all these Hasbro Exclusives.

So what is your opinion or solution to the problem? Less Exclusives? Take preorders first then manufacture to demand? Retailers should only take Exclusive preorders via Apps to cut down Bots?

Please keep any comments PG, thx.