Puts The Squeeze On Scalpers And Collectors With New Strict Ordering System On Limited Products

For those that placed duplicate orders today on for their reissued Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Din Djarin The Mandalorian and Child Set, Hondo Ohnaka, and Luke Skywalker (Death Star Escape) figures, which were limited to 1 of each per order, you may have noticed that your duplicate orders were cancelled after a few minutes This is due to a New Strict Ordering System that will instantly cancel preorders / orders that exceed product limits.

Previously people and Bots could just keep placing new orders over and over to get past product limits, but this new system will instantly cancel preorders / orders that exceed product limits. Obviously orders are tracked per account, but we are not sure if if also tracks home and billing addresses as well. Also no idea if you are allowed to reorder after your first order ships or if there is a time limit to when you can place a new order?

We reached out to our Target contacts, and they said this new system was implemented for their Summer Geek-Out Event which is taking place during the month of July. Other then that no other specifics were given.

Hopefully this system will be used going forward for future limit products, since this is a great system to stop scalpers and Bots, but if you have a household with multiple collectors or kids and only 1 account it may put you in a little bit of a bind. Whats your thoughts?

BTW these are still available at Summer Geek-Out landing page.