For the variation hunters out there, I just noticed that Hasbro has made some changes to the card of GameStop's Exclusive The Black Series 40th Anniversary 6" R5-D4 figure. At a quick glance some noticeable changes are the card numbers on the back of the card and the Text on the front of the card has been changed from "Age • Edad • Idade 4+" to "AGE • EDAD • IDADE 4+". I just took a quick look, so there maybe more changes and if you spot them in our quick photos feel free to post in the comments.

• 1st version Card# 00007981. Upper and lower case Age text
• 2nd version Card# 00015201. Only upper case Age text.

I just found this updated card today at GameStop. You can view the popup picture above or view some larger photos on our Facebook Page.