So today is the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, so since I was out running errands here in Houston I did a toy run to Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and GameStop, hoping to find some of the New 40th Anniversary Products stocked on the shelves and pegs, but there was nothing to be found except for a massive amount of 40th Anniversary TBS 6" Princess Leia Organa figures at GameStop and Target, due to them getting full cases of Leia as we reported a few weeks ago.

My local Walmart and Toys R Us stores had nothing except for a few Black Series Titanium Series 3.75" figures.

I sure hope that we see large amounts of the second wave of The 40th Anniversary TBS 6" figures hit retailers soon and they don't continue to get flooded with solid case packs of Leia and possibly Luke and Obi-Wan.