Stopped by my local Toys R Us this morning and they received all their SDCC / Store Exclusives on the truck today (Grabbed a Masterpiece Optimus Prime) but missing was The Black Series 6" Commander Gree figure. So decided to research the status of the figure.

I asked the store manger if any of the Warehouses in Texas had them in stock and they showed zero. So I decided to call some random stores on the East Coast like New York and Florida and had them check all the stores in that area and they had zero as well.

I then called Toys R Us customer services and gave them 7 other zip codes from the the East to West Coast and no stores had them within 100 miles of those zip codes. The customer service representative put me on hold to research the item and when he came back on the line stated the item is not discontinued and they have open orders that are expected to be filled within the next 15 - 30 days (subject to change).

So there you go folks, it looks like Gree will be delayed a bit before hitting brick and mortar stores here in the US. Please remember this information was given to us directly by Toys R Us employees and we are not trying to create a panic or Fake News.