HasbroToyShop.com has started to send out shipping notices to those that placed orders for the 2017 SDCC Star Wars Items this morning (as we promptly posted via our Facebook Page). If you have not received a shipping email yet, don't worry they are still processing the massive amount of orders they received. A interesting note, if you ordered all 3 items, it looks as they are getting shipped individually instead of getting crammed into 1 big box.

"Thank you for shopping with HasbroToyShop.com. Your order was shipped, click the order Your order was shipped via FedEx 00000000000011, FedEx 00000000000012, FedEx 00000000000013 for tracking. Once your package arrives, keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to write a review."

Hopefully HasbroToyShop have taken all the complaints over the years about poor packing and shipping and have changed their ways. Guess we will see next week.

Also I spoke to a HasbroToyShop representative, and they stated that they are going over each and every order to make sure people did not exceed the cart limits and place multiple orders exceeding 2 of each items per household. If you did exceed the limit expect your order to get cancelled.