A while back Steve Evans from Hasbro stated that The Black Series 6" 30: Princess Leia Organa did ship with the updated head sculpt (which was used on the 40th Anniversary figure) but in a limited amount. I have been trying to track one down for months but could never successfully find one, so I kind of gave up on it. Since then, it kind of slipped my mind, but today I actually got one in a Wave 9 case that I ordered from a online retailer.

• Old Head Sculpt - Date stamp 62561
• New Head Sculpt - Date stamp 62931

I took a quick comparison photo which is above if you want to check it out. Also if your looking for one of these, I just scanned through eBay and there are a few listed (per their pictures). If in doubt contact the sellers ask them the date stamp on the box and point them to our comparison photo, if they need help determining which they have.