Posted on our Facebook Page are some quick boxed photos of The Black Series Imperial AT-ST Walker & AT-ST Driver that I just found at Walmart tonight. This Item was never officially announced by Hasbro to Media outlets. There are no markings on the box claiming this is a "Walmart Exclusive" but more then likely it is. This looks to just be a repaint of the previously released AT-ST in New Black Series packaging. Price is $59.99 each. The UPC# is 630509536498.

Here is what I was told from a Walmart toy manager I personally know. These are part of the new action figure isle planogram that is suppose to be in place by next week. Their system shows a street date of 1/9/17 on these, but they were not flagged as "dont sell" at the register and I had no problem purchasing them tonight.

Its late, happy hunting. Nite.