So its been about 4 days now, since took orders for the HASCON Exclusive Black Series 6” Captain Rex figure and my email box has been blowing up with concerns about people's orders not shipping.

Typically in the past HasbroToyShop processed and shipped Convention Exclusives within a day or two, so people are starting to worry their order may have issues since its been 4 days already.

Now some people's orders did process and were sent tracking information and some have even received their orders already, but there seems to be a large amount of people waiting still, including myself.

I did contact HasbroToyShop's Customer Services a few times during the week to see why my order is being held up and got the following response

"There are no issues with your order, it will be filled"

"We had a Extremely Large amount of orders due to the increased production of this product, causing orders to take longer then normal"

So hopefully they are truly backed up with orders and we will see orders filled next week for those waiting.