Preorder - TBS 40th Anniversary 6" Wave 2?

If your still in need of The Black Series 40th Anniversary 6" Wave 2, you can now preorder them from select retailers such as Thought these were out of production and a bit confused?

Here is a chat transcript from BBTS that was provided by one of our readers "Alex" which explains whats going on and why this wave has returned:

"They did sell out of this wave, but we and several other companies worked with Hasbro to get another run made. We are very happy to have additional stock to fill ALL our past orders as well as extra stock for new orders"

I have yet to see any other retailers put up preorders this evening, but here is whats available for BBTS:
TBS 40th Anniversary 6" Wave 2 - case $159.99
TBS 40th Anniversary 6" Wave 2 - set of 6 $139.99
TBS 40th Anniversary 6" Death Squad Commander - $19.99
TBS 40th Anniversary 6" Jawa - $19.99

Not sure how big of a run will be made, so don't wait to long to preorder.