Well hopefully this is a sign of whats to come very soon. My local GameStop store has put up signage to advertise the upcoming release of their Exclusive Black Series 6" Guardians Of Evil 4-Pack (shared exclusive) and Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room) figure over the weekend.

They didn't receive any of the products though, so I asked the store manager to check their Texas Warehouse to see if any of these are in transit to the local stores around here.

He stated that Guardians Of Evil 4-Pack has already shipped to the district stores and they should receive them (if not already) within the week.

As for TBS 6" Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room), none are in the warehouse as of today, but things could change as the week goes by.

At the moment GameStop.com still has a release date of 10/2 for TBS 6" Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room), so hopefully we will see our preorders begin to get filled and we will see shipments to local stores very soon as well.