Another TBS 6-Inch Sabine Wren #33 Paint Variant Found

Found another paint variant on The Black Series 6" Sabine Wren #33 today. It has to do with 2 stripes on her chest armor again. The paint variants have to do with the early versions of the Sabine with the 2 chest stripes curved up. Today at ThinkGeek I found Sabine figures with curved up stipes painted in peachish and also in pinkish colors.

Both figures share the same date stamps of 62561. More then likely the peachish colored stripes version was first, since Hasbro has recently changed the stripes to the pinkish color and started to curve the stripes down (as we reported a few days ago).

• Peachish Stripes curved up - Date Stamp 62561
• Pinkish Stripes curved up - Date Stamp 62561