Back on 9/2/17 we reported on finding The Black Series 6" 30: Princess Leia Organa updated Head Variant at Toys R Us and since then I have never found another at retail. After posting the find back in September, people have been emailing me till this day asking where to find this variant.

Well a few days ago Amazon listed that they once again had this figure in stock at a price of $11.14 (now $16.50), so I took a chance and bought a couple to see what version would show up and it was the newer head variant. I am assuming the new stock they received are all the newer head variant (buy at your own risk).

So if you wanted one of these and want to take a chance, purchase one shipped and sold by Amazon. You will have to click on the "other sellers" list to find "Amazon" as the seller with a current price of $16.50.