Amazon recently restocked The Black Series 6" 32: Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, so out of curiosity I bought one to see if there was any changes to this figure since I originally bought one a while back. Right off the bat I noticed that the cloaks were different colors and the paint app on his inner shirt changed a bit also. If I recall I also do believe the second version is what ended getting packed on The 40th Anniversary cards as well, but will have to dig one up and double check.

• 1st version (Date Stamp 62701) Flat brown painted shirt and brown cloth Cloak

• 2nd version (Date Stamp 62851) Gloss brown painted shirt and reddish-brown cloth Cloak.

You can click on the side by side pop-up comparison picture above (or open the picture in a new window to view the full size picture).

If you want to try for the second version (not guaranteed), Amazon still has them in stock for $17.01, but make sure you buy the one shipped and sold by Amazon and not a 3rd party seller. You will have to click on the link that shows all sellers and scroll down to Amazon to purchase.