TBS 6" Rey (Jakku) & BB-8 Paint Variants

Just found a Black Series 6" #2 Rey (Jakku) & BB-8 with Updated Paint Applications applied to her head and belt. This is the version of Rey that includes a Lightsaber.

• 1st (DS 60681) - Light Flesh Tone on Face & Light Brown Belt
• 2nd (DS 61871) - Darker Flesh Tone on Face & Dark Brown Belt

Looks like Hasbro has also cleaned up the paint application process on her head as it looks much better then before. You can view the changes in the comparison photo above or on our Facebook Page. The first version is on the left and the second version on the right. The newer version was just found at my local Texas Walmart. For some reason this store is restocking Rogue One Black Series 6" Wave 1 cases again instead of the newer waves.