As you noticed for the past year and a half I have pretty much taken a break from photography and have not updated our HD Photo Gallery as frequently as I have in our past years. Reason being we had 2 new additions to the family and between everyday life and the new additions my time was spread pretty thin, so had to take a break until things normalized again. In my down time though I did manage to create new photo filters and custom digital tools to improve our already impressive HD Photos which I have used for the first time with The Last Jedi 3.75-Inch DJ (Canto Bight) figure. Our new HD Photos will concentrate on quality over quantity. Most photos will be at least 2500 pixels in height, so make sure you take advantage of that by making sure your browser is displaying the full sized image.

Anyways added to our HD Photo Gallery today is The Last Jedi 3.75-Inch DJ (Canto Bight) figure. He includes a Removable Jacket and Blaster. Enjoy!