For those that like to collect paint errors, I just found one on The Black Series 6" 50: Elite Praetorian Guard figure. Instead of his shoulder armor being painted dark red to match the rest of his armor, it was painted a pinkish color instead.

At first I thought the one I found might just be a one off, but I was able to find a dozen or so at my local Walmarts with this paint error, most of them being found on their Star Wars Pallet display. I also found a transition figure with 1 red and 1 pink painted shoulder armor as well, which was a bit harder to find (only found 3).

Paint Errors:
• 1 Pink Shoulder Armor and 1 red (Date Stamp 72301)
• 2 Pink Shoulder Armor (Date Stamp 72441)

You can see the paint error above. The Photo was taken with my iPhone, which is a bit bright. The paint error is really noticable in hand, so you will know if you found one.