With the recent arrival of Walmart's Exclusive 3.75-Inch Black Series Pallet displays that were mainly filled with pegs warmers which have plagued their Action Figure Isles for over a year now, people have been sending in emails asking where is The Last Jedi Wave?

Walmart's current Holiday Kids Catalog does show this wave advertised, but the small print does say "Select 3.75", so no guarantee it will be The Last Jedi Wave found.

The officially release date of this wave (Printed on the case) was November 1st, but some stores received this wave early back in September. I personally have only seen this wave once at my local stores and that was a week or so after Force Friday II.

So why did Walmart just receive a bunch of older figures instead of The Last Jedi Wave? I am assuming they see the Holiday Season as a great opportunity to move old stock thats been sitting in their warehouse. Also remember this The Last Jedi wave is the tail-ender of this line, so its not known how many Hasbro will / have produced. 

I am assuming another round of this wave will make it to local stores at some point. Also you can keep a eye on the product listings at Walmart.com, but they are currently out of stock. Keep checking the product pages and also check your local stores by clicking "see more stores" next to Pickup option.

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