Toys R Us has listed (not in stock at the moment) some of The Black Series 6-Inch 40th Anniversary Wave 2 figures today via their mobile site (not showing up on Desktop Browser yet). If you recall Hasbro decided to make a 2nd run of these due to the "High Demand" and offer them to select retailers, which mainly were online retailers. Below are the mobile links.

Sand People
Death Squad Commander

I didn't see Chewbacca or C-3PO listed as of yet. Toys R Us has been doing inventory in their stores and warehouses for the past few weeks, so its possible that they just found some old stock, but Hasbro has begun to ship the second run of The Black Sereis 6-Inch 40th Anniversary Wave 2 to retailers this month ( like Brian's Toys already received them earlier in the week) and this could just all be a coincidence. Guess we will find out soon.