Paint Variant Found - TBS 6-Inch 31: AT-AT Driver

Remember all those Black Series 6-Inch 31: AT-AT Driver Figures that arrived on Pallet Displays at Walmart stores around Christmas? My local stores still have a bunch of these figures (now on pegs), so I took another look at them today and it caught my eye (this time lol) that Hasbro corrected the orangish Galactic Symbols on his helmet to dark red.

All my previous figures have the orangish colored symbols. The paint change is really noticeable in hand, but if your having a hard time telling what you have, try using a flashlight to look at the symbols.

Paint Variant:
• 1st version (DS 71921) Orange Galactic Symbols
• 2nd version (DS 72401) Red Galactic Symbols

Above is a side-by-side pop-up photo, orangish on your left, red on your right or visit the figure's page for other photos.