HasLab's Jabba's Sail Barge Preorders Less Then Stellar

Preorders for HasLab's The Vintage Collection Jabba's Sail Barge seem not to be performing as most had predicted. There is only 2468 preorders (as of this post) with 25 days to go. That means on average there would have to be 101.3 new preorders per day for the next 25 days to reach the 5000 goal. Now I am a optimistic person, but I am sorry to say I don't see this happening unless this campaign is opened Worldwide or if Hasbro decides to make this vehicle even if the 5000 preorder goal is not met. After all they do have about $1,234,000 in preorders, but unless you work for Hasbro its not known their actual cost to tool and manufacture this vehicle, so it may not be worth it to them.

Over the years the collector community claimed they wanted this vehicle and Hasbro would never step up until now to produce it, so most people expected the 5000 preorder goal to be reached very quickly, but I have a feeling that the $500 price tag played a huge role in people not placing preorders. Thats a big chunk of change for most people.

Now hopefully I am wrong and we will see a last minute Hail Mary Pass and this vehicle will get made. Guess we will see in 25 days (fingers crossed).

If you would like to place a preorder visit the HasLab website and help get this vehicle made.