Beware - Reports Of Target's TBS 6-Inch Chewbacca's "Removable Tool" Breaking Off Inside Rifle

I have received a dozen or so emails this evening from readers in regards to the Target Exclusive Black Series 6-Inch Chewbacca figure, stating that the "Removable Tool" that they tried to remove (as seen on another site) from the Blaster Rifle has broken off inside the Rifle. They are asking is it suppose to be removable and is it really a tool?

The one I own myself is not removable. It is either glued or the plastics have fused together. The only way I could separate the "Removable Tool" would be to break it off, which I don't want to do. The box states 2 accessories included which one would assume is the Rifle and Goggles.

Anyways not 100% sure yet if its suppose to be removable or not. I will contact Hasbro and see if I can get a answer if this is just a handle or a "Removable Tool".

Feel free to post your experience, just don't break it off!

Thanks to reader Steve for the Picture.