Thats A Wrap For Disney's Star Wars May The 4th Exclusives

Per request of some of our readers, we reached out to Disney to ask if or if your local Disney Stores would receive anymore of their Star Wars May the 4th Exclusives and as expected the current answer was no.

The most popular items this year were the Star Wars Return of the Jedi 35th Anniversary Edition Darth Vader Elite Series Die Cast Action Figure and the R2-D2 May the 4th Be With You Pin, which sold out within hours at and at most local stores.

The prices are already pretty high on eBay for these. Asking / starting prices on the "R2-D2 May the 4th Be with You Pins" are between $40 - $100 and for the Elite Series Vader $40 - $125 currently.

Disney does not release production numbers, so not sure how many of these actually got made. Disney is all about making money, so you never know if we will see these again in different packaging in the future or not.